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08 Jan 2021

polk audio cs10 crossover setting

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A poorly integrated subwoofer will sound thick, heavy boomy, and unnatural, calling attention to the fact that you have smaller speakers reproducing the frequency spectrum from the midrange up, and the big subwoofer putting out low bass.". Mark the volume settings that are best for music and movies and readjust as you switch sources. However, it takes a big driver, or lots of smaller drivers, to produce big bass. Most of today’s systems have an EQ feature that will set up the proper crossover automatically based on the specifications of your speakers. And it has an angled top allowing you to invert the speaker and place it below your TV- … Before the crossovers are set, it's important to understand how they operate. If your main speakers are bookshelf designs or in-wall, set the low pass filter in the 80Hz range. Thanks. Put on a CD with an acoustic bass. On top of the excellent sound, it is well-designed and looks great. Let your ear be the final judge. Put your woofer in the same spot as your listening position. "It’s relatively easy to put a subwoofer into your system and hear more bass. Discuss: Polk Audio CSi40 - center channel speaker Sign in to comment. But corner placement may make the woofer sound as if it were only producing one musical note, giving a boomy quality to music. Black. Add-on services (0 Selected) Show Less. We'll give you some techniques and advice, but the science of room acoustics is so complex it defies easy answers. Setting the Crossover. Onkyo tx-sr608 Fronts- Polk towers TSI 400 Center- Polk CS 10 … Stand in one place and then squat down - you will probably notice that the bass changes in the vertical plane as well! A phenomenon called "standing waves" makes bass response uneven from place to place in your room. jdmfishingonly wrote: ↑ Sound from the TSi CS10 is inferior compared to the Polk Audio S35 the S35 is over $230 more than the CS10 people need to temper their expectations - this is a budget center, and a good value one at that price TSi Series speakers pdf manual download. To experience this for yourself, put on a CD with a strong, consistent bass line. Because the subwoofer’s location affects how standing waves are created, the first step to getting accurate bass response is finding the right spots for your subwoofer and your listening position. Add. If your main speakers are bookshelf designs or in-wall, set the low pass filter in the 80Hz range. When you've determined where the bass sounds best, put the subwoofer there.". Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. $98. The sub should be audibly "invisible.". (Thanks guys!). Read the Understanding Crossovers article for the basics of their operation. But for storytelling’s sake, let’s back it up to 1972 where a group of friends, talented engineers, and music lovers got together with the skillset, the ambition to make the best speakers they could afford, and the attitude to change the establishment. "Play a piece of music with an ascending and descending bass line such as a 'walking' bass in straight-ahead jazz. Any help or input would be great. If that's too inconvenient, choose a mid-point level that gives you the best balance of music and movie performance. Please press : https://amzn.to/2HqlWzL Audio. It'll be much easier to get seamless blending between sub and main speakers if they are on the same side of the room. Sandy was behind the marketing of Polk Audio c and also helped to create Polk’s worldwide dealer network. Then turn the low pass knob on the sub all the way up and use the LFE out from the receiver to the LFE in on the sub. The LFE input is bypassed on the sub but now you will set the "crossover" adjustment via the speaker setup menu on the receiver. Reg. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Download. Country music, Latin and certain dance tracks work well for this. Cheaper speakers will use other material such as particle board which is flimsy, robbing you of good sound. If your main speakers are full size with good bass response, set the low pass filter to 60Hz - 80Hz to start. Bass shouldn't be a continuous drone. Your receiver will only send the 80hz and below signal to the sub. Is LFE the same as pre out ? Bass waves build up and "hang out" at room boundaries (walls). Connect that to the LFE on the sub and turn up the low pass knob on the sub all to way up to 160. Audyssey had set the front three as follows: "large" w/ 40hz crossover, Dynamic EQ "on" and Audyssey to left/right bypass. For example, if you have a 20' [51 cm] wide room, don't put the subwoofer 10' [25 cm] from each wall. A Sound Foundation . From the research I've done, one side says get … The audio crossover is probably the most important part of aloud speaker that you can't see; it is every bit as important to theoverall speaker design as is the type of tweeter or cabinet volume. This is the advice most often given and it certainly will yield loud bass. Manuals and User Guides for Polk Audio CS10. Fronts - Polk Monitor 40 @ 40hz Center- Polk CS10 @ 40hz Surrounds (can't remember) @ 150hz Sub- Dayton Audio Sub-1200 @ 120hz Does this sound reasonable or should I adjust? The CS10 ensures every seat in the house hears a prime performance. $170.59 $ 170. Changing to the following made an astonishing difference. Unfortunately, understanding how they work and accurately setting crossover frequency for various speakers can be confusing. Current selection is: Black . Providing a balance between performance, design and price for your home since 1972. Straight test tones are not suitable for acoustic response measurements but are useful in detecting rattles and buzzes. If you have compact satellites, set the low pass filter to 120Hz to start. Setting Crossovers . View and Download Polk Audio TSi Series brochure & specs online. Raise or lower the low-pass filter setting on the subwoofer to achieve the smoothest response. Polk Audio CS1 Polk Audio's CS1 center-channel speaker, which retails for $199 and is part of the company's updated Monitor line, doesn't stray too far from the classic box-speaker form. A well-integrated subwoofer produces a seamless sound, no boomy thump, and natural reproduction of music. Two Polk T50 for the front with a T30 center. Upload. This is where the subwoofer transitions to the main speakers. Crossover is the frequency where speakers begin to roll off, and the subwoofer starts outputting bass notes and LFEs. When setting the phase setting by ear, play some music (not a movie) that has a walking but repetitive bass line. Put on a CD with male voice and a consistent bass line. OK your LFE does come from that pre-out you mentioned. My sister in laws TSi Towers and CS10 center sounded horrible but it wasn't the speakers, it was the setting in the receiver that were messing them up. Polk Audio TSi CS10 (black) overview and full product specs on CNET. If you listen to movies with your new set-up, you may find that the bass is a little "light" and doesn't deliver the impact you expect. Turning the low pass know all the way up basically takes the internal sub crossover out of the equation. Focus closely on the region of sound below the male voice. The Polk Audio S20 will complement a standard Polk audio surround setup. bi-laminate organic fiber cone woofers. Sorry for the delay I had problems with my computer. Hide sidebar Show sidebar Thread starter Rhyno37; Start date Nov 29, 2011; Rhyno37 Enthusiast. Put on a test CD or DVD with test tones. Save $101. The real question is, why anything else? To help make this article as helpful as possible, we called on two leading audio experts for help: Richard Hardesty and Robert Harley. Why Polk Audio. I am debating between the CS10 (2x 5.25" $100 with discount) and the CS20 (2x 6.5" $150 with discount). Once you set polarity, go back and re-adjust level and low-pass filter settings to get the smoothest response. I don't know what to set the crossover to on each speaker setting. "With a fixed input level, carefully measure the output level at the listening position for each interval between 30 and 200Hz and write it down or make a line plot on a sheet of graph paper. I also don't know how to set the crossover setting on the actual sub woofer itself and if I want the subwoofer switch to auto or not. What's New; Forum Listing; Showcase; Gallery; Advanced Search; Members; FAQ; Dark Mode Menu Log in Register Home. What's difficult is making the subwoofer's bass integrate with the sound of your main speakers. Ordered my sub so I want to make sure I get it set up right when it gets here. "Get a suitable test CD with sine wave signals or warble tones covering the range of 20Hz to 200Hz or so. Actual Color. The Polk Audio CS10 center channel speaker in black (see larger image). If you are using the LFE input on your sub, the crossover is controlled by the receiver and not the subwoofer. We’ve always made the best speakers at the best price - that’s it. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. When properly adjusted, you won't "hear" the subwoofer at all. most set all speakers to 80hz and let the sub do the work.

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